We are Evil Bastards.

Want To Screw Your Competitors? Let us do it for You!

About Us

We don't give a f**k!

Stop getting trodden on by your competitors. We will ensure that they are running for cover. No matter what their strategy we have a response that will make them retract all activity in your vertical markets and localities!

  • Never f**k with us.
  • Never keep us waiting.
  • Never pay us late.
  • Never underpay us.
  • Always be polite.
  • Always have time to listen to us.
  • You will get to keep your legs and hands.


These are testimonials given freely by people feeling completely safe and at ease in our physical presence

Jhone Doe


Just do as they say.

Afa Rose

Web Designer

Stay calm and keep them calm.

Keena Lara

Store Owner

Don't make any sudden moves.

Fizzi Brandon


There's no point trying to run now.

Our Team

Our marketing elite...

Jhone Bi

Application Manager

Sani Awesome

Social Media

Andrio Willi

Content Writer

Afa Jonson

Business Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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It's a very indirect way of marketing for people who lack the confidence to be really direct.

They're both as gay as each other.

Just use the one that you own the most shares in.

It's not anymore. Google is just another advertising company.

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